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Project Patradya

Welcoming Arunima Saxena as an intern for Project Patradya. She is a rising senior in Lexington High School, Massachusetts. Arunima is focusing on mobilizing Project Patradya by partnering with NGOs, institutes and retail shops. Her responsibilities include increase in marketing efforts, sales and brand awareness for Patradaya and by extension Enactus.

Bio: “My name is Arunima Saxena and I am a rising senior in Lexington High School, MA. I am an entrepreneur at heart and have a keen interest in social cause-driven projects. My most recent project called Optiglass won second place at the top business competition in the world- it’s a wearable device that uses echolocation and object recognition technology to provide blind people with a more comprehensive awareness of their surroundings. Prior to that, I conceptualized multiple projects such as “Encouraging women in technology: FemStem”, “Tempus” and more’

I found out about Project Patradya through a friend, and then noticed their presence on Facebook and published articles on magazines and newspapers. The fact that their products are fully biodegradable is really awesome. The rate plastic decays at is simply too slow, and on top of that, plastic is wreaking havoc in countries which don’t have structured ways to dispose of it like India, China, and many others - making it a more immediate day to day problem. I reached out to Nikita and Tanmeet, who head the project. They encouraged me to join them and I offered to come to India, to work with them up close and personal. I am excited to see what we will be able to accomplish together, and I hope for the best!

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