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Moving ahead, Project JanBhoomi was initiated in 2018. Our intensive lifestyle has resulted in an exponential increase in our waste generation and land degradation. Project JanBhoomi is an initiative to tackle these two intimately related problems. It is a significant step towards creating impact and changing lives by ensuring sustainable development.

The project engaged in the production of organic compost and garden toolkits in the past, and now it focuses on its recently launched product of terracotta home composters. 

JanBhoomi also participated in the Super Village Challenge and changed the mindset of farmers through the promotion of the use of organic compost, replacing chemical fertilizers, by setting up 200+ compost pits in numerous villages across the Palwal district of Haryana.


The Terracotta Home Composters are handcrafted by a community of potters in the Potters’ Colony in the Uttam Nagar area of New Delhi. The structure of the home composter is designed in a way to provide maximum efficiency and to ensure efficient waste management by not letting biodegradable waste, especially kitchen and garden waste, reach landfills. These home composters are ideal for household and organizational use and allow for easy, efficient, and hassle-free composting. 

With this, Project JanBhoomi continues to create sustainable models that work for a greener and more equal world. 

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Waste management will help reduce the burden on municipalities for waste disposal in overburdened landfills. Our Gardening Toolkit  would also advocate an organic way of life and increase environmental consciousness.


Aforementioned points of reducing land degradation and eutrophication help contribute towards a greener and cleaner future for all, and would also reduce flower waste that pollutes the water bodies in urban areas. 


Project JanBhoomi, through its collaboration with the Government of Haryana, was able to save the farmers of Haryana a huge amount of money by providing the better alternative of organic compost.


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Project JanBhoomi, started in 2018, is dedicated to promoting organic lifestyles and finding eco-friendly solutions for waste management. At its core lies the humble yet potent terracotta home composters, a beacon of hope in our environmental journey. The initiative extends its arms to embrace the skilled artisans of Sonu Kumar Handicrafts, nestled in The Kumhar Gram (Potter’s Village) in Uttam Nagar, Delhi—a place renowned for its exquisite earthenware and the earthy essence it exudes. These artisans are not mere craftsmen; they are custodians of tradition, instilling a profound sense of belonging and a timeless connection to the soil. Through JanBhoomi, they discover not just a livelihood, but a stage to showcase their artistry, ensuring that their craft thrives and continues to enrich the cultural fabric for generations to come.


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