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Project Patradya is our attempt towards a plastic free world through edible cutlery, made by Afghan women refugees.  

  • Environment friendly alternative: With Project Patradya, our aim is to provide an environment friendly alternative to the plastic menace by giving an edible makeover to the concept of cutlery

  • Empower: Providing the Afghani women an alternate source of Income.

  • Enhance: Enhancing the salutary quotient of food by virtue of healthy ingredients used in making these cutleries.


According to many these days, a pile of garbage is equivalent to a dustbin. Seeing the overflowing dustbins and the lack of plastic alternatives, Enactus KMC saw the opportunity to introduce to the world - Project Patradya.


Our product, edible cutlery, is produced by a community of Afghan refugees, residing in Bhogal District, New Delhi. Through Patradya, we aim to provide to them, a source of livelihood in an alien nation.

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The edible cutlery is both tasty and healthy, as the recipe includes a combination of ingredients like maida, rice flour, and whey protein. The recipe has been finalised after consulting chefs. Project Patradya has been certified by a NABL accredited lab, and by FSSAI. After the development of the recipe, we started to teach our community members the technique of making edible cutlery.

We constantly work to make our products more and more diverse, by incorporating more flavours and increasing the nutritive value. We have increased our product range to include multiple flavours in the form of bowls, spoons and plates.


Through our project, we were able to bring normalcy back to the lives of the women who had been victims of violence and terrorism.


Our edible utensils substitute plastic tableware that has been contaminating our environment. Our products will decompose within 2 weeks thus eliminating the hazards of non-degradable plastic.


The proceeds from the project go to the women who now have an alternate source of income and our better poised to handle financial troubles that come in their way.



We, at Enactus KMC plan on diversifying our products by introducing more flavours and even expanding our product range.

We aim to provide our customers a healthier life style through these edible, ecological and nutritive cutlery ; simultaneously supporting the livelihood of Afghan women.

We believe that goodness implies great responsibility and thus aim to revolutionize the way we see plastic utensils.


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