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Do you know that there are Afghan refugee single mothers living in the Bhogal district of Delhi, unable to make ends meet? Do you know that disposable plastic bowls take 450 years to decompose?


Post the ban on snake charming, residents of Sapera Basti, Najafgarh have barely maintained their former standard of living. Do you know that the ladies of this Basti have been forced to take up jobs of disreputable nature to support their families?

Enactus Kirori Mal College offers you the opportunity to buy high-quality products while contributing to these causes with its projects - DOR & PATRADYA. 


Patradya is an initiative to fight the menace of carcinogenic plastic by replacing it with nutritious and bio-edible bowls.

Dor is an initiative to empower the women involved in the production of tie & dye scarves made from cotton voile.

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