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With an aim to take you on a wellness journey and provide freedom from the chains that tie you, we believe Nirav is not just an idea or a service but a metaphor of hope, independence, support, and mental well-being

Mediating between you and the best trained and certified psychologists, Nirav strives to provide affordable services to anyone seeking help in order to promote the cause of mental health and break the stigma surrounding mental health disorders.



  • Action: Foster activities in the field of mental health by providing voluntary mental health services.
  • Awareness: To promote help-seeking behaviour and emotional well-being practices.
  • Acceptance: To destigmatize mental health issues.             

Steps to book a session

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“Together we are stronger, together we are intact, together we can achieve the impossible”. With this vision, Nirav in collaboration with MindTribe strives to provide affordable counseling, support groups, community workshops and e-Learning for improving mental health.

MindTribe ensures the well being of the individuals by providing the first session free of cost and charges nominal fee subsequently .
It is an initiative by Dr Prena Kohli, first Clinical Psychologist to be awarded by the Hon. President of India. She has been an advisor to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights(NCPCR) and is a member of the Niti Aayog Nutrition Committee.

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