As per a press release by WHO,  around 450 million people currently suffer from neurological conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. Treatments are available, but stigma, discrimination, and neglect prevent care and treatment from reaching people with mental disorders. To champion the cause of mental health and break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, Enactus KMC seeks to provide pro bono services to people looking for assistance.  Being just a click away, our services are very conducive to everyone as they take place completely online, with our team of professionals catering to the well-being of all the registered individuals. 



We are accepting bookings only till 30th October, 2020. In case, you are not able to book an appointment because your preferred slot was not available, kindly write to us at niravekmc@gmail.com or contact +91 9711454744.


Arunita Chakraborty

Clinical psychologist  
A researcher who is actively associated with Kontho and LGBTQI+ communities.

Riya Pawar

Clinical psychologist
With a vision to build a community where it is okay to feel your emotions and give yourself time to heal, it is okay to allow yourself to discover "you".

Amit Kishore Joshi 

MA - Clinical Psychology with 20 years of experience in the field. Involved in areas of Psychological testing, Counseling and Career Guidance. 

Surbhi Manocha

Counseling psychologist
Working towards fostering self-esteem of individuals by improving emotional and psychological well-being.

Vijaya Bhavani

Clinical psychologist
Active promoter of mental well-being, freedom of thought and speech.

Kuntal  Vora

Founder at Healing Path Dealing with adolescents, adults and families solving issues like depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and sexual abuse.

  • Action: Foster activities in the field of mental health by providing voluntary mental health services.
  • Awareness: To promote help-seeking behaviour and emotional well-being practices.
  • Acceptance: To de-stigmatize mental health issues.             



Through our project, we endeavor to save lives by encouraging people to seek help for any mental condition that they might be facing. By providing a safe and effective environment for those seeking help, we aim to bridge the gap between the people who suffer from mental health issues and the people who actually seek treatment. 


Assisting people with mental illness in leading more productive lives, eventually leads to an increase in the overall productivity and economic welfare of society. By providing pro bono services, we seek to make mental health services accessible to all sections of society.



Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant reduction in social contact among people from all age groups. This reduction in social contact compiled with the ongoing economic recession and job losses has led to an increase in cases of people suffering from anxiety and loneliness. Since, the people from lower-income strata often bear the greater burden of mental disorders, both in terms of the risk of having a mental disorder and the lack of access to treatment, we, at Enactus KMC, aspire to provide pro bono services to people suffering from neurological conditions. We also aim to dispel long-held dogmas regarding mental health issues and thus pave way for a positive public discourse in the field of mental health.


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