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Project JanBhoomi advocates the importance of living an organic lifestyle which not only refers to taking care of our health but also the environment. The best way to live an organic lifestyle is to cultivate and grow your own food. With that in mind, we launched our “gardening toolkit” - your new best friend, encouraging you to adopt an eco-friendly way of life.

It includes “five high-quality tools” which will surely make gardening a breeze. 

1. Hand Cultivator- A hand cultivator is used to draw straight lines in the soil before planting the seeds. It helps in digging linear trenches, loosening the dirt, and making the soil ready for sowing seeds.

2. Fork- One of the most common and necessary tools of gardening, a fork loosens up the hard rough soil and makes it softer, better for plantation. 

3. Trowel- A must-have tool while gardening, a trowel, is used to dig or turn up the earth, or mix the supplements with the soil.

4. Weeder- This tool is designed such that you can remove the weeds from their roots conveniently and efficiently.

5. Transplanter- As the name suggests, a transplanter helps in transporting or moving the plants without causing damage to their roots.

Gardening Toolkit

₹650.00 Regular Price
₹600.00Sale Price
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