Dr. Malika Nanda

Nominated by the American Leadership Board, USA recently as an 'Acclaimed Educator', Dr. Malika Nanda is an Education Consultant and Holistic Coach, helping a few universities, colleges and institutions in skill development programs. She comes with about 25 years of corporate leadership experience in Business Management & Administration. She is also a Director at Opsis Foundation. Besides, she has mentored numerous management trainees in corporate firms as well as students- in both schools and higher education institutions throughout her career. She has also been honoured as a 'Global Ambassador - Education & Training’ by Gold Tower Foundation, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

Dr. Sudarshana Ramaraju

Dr. Sudarshana Ramaraju is currently an advisor in Strategic Planning to the MSME-KVIC, Government of India. He has worked with the UN Security Council and the Government of Kuwait.

Mr. Paresh Gupta

Mr. Paresh Gupta is a trained financial modeller with 13 years of experience at Operis UK, a firm rated amongst the top 20 credit research analysts' team in Europe.

Mr. Ankit Buti

Mr. Ankit Buti is the founder and CEO of StartupEd, a launchpad that provides holistic assistance to students along with the skills to start their own entrepreneurship endeavours.

CA Tarun Kumar Gupta

CA Tarun Kumar Gupta is a chartered accountant and an active participant in the workings of renowned NGOs. He as also served as a Member of Permanent Lok Sabha Adalat-Public Utility services.

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